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EDB file are created at the MS Exchange Server, actually whatever be the data send from a exchange client to a different client are saved on the server in the form of EDB file and whenever the reception search for the new mail than a search operation is performed in the server mail box of the reception incase if there is some unread EDB file present at the server end than that mail is send at the receiver location in different format. Thus the whole process of mail sending and receiving is preceded in the exchange server.

Exchange server when used on regular basis came up with several data inaccessibility flaws due to which user have to suffer their productive hours. Well... One can save their productive hours by acting smart. User can use EDB toPST Converter along and thus can change their inaccessible file into PST afterwards can access their file. Smart utility allow user to improve their performance drastically via its technique to change bounded data into unbounded one. Advance EDB to PST Converter makes Exchange Server file frees from the bounds of exchange server and allows user to access them even in remote location also during adverse network condition. Throwing light on the features of the tool so that user may have easy understanding of the tool.

Feature of the tools:-
  • Developed to handle heavy sized EDB file with ease (more than 2 GB )
  • Speedy mail conversion technique proves beneficial to the customer
  • Inbuilt ability to tackle all shot of data inaccessibility
  • Not only convert mail into PST format but also repairs error occur in the opening of the file
  • Responsible for conversion of data like: journals, drafts, contacts, appointments, tasks etc.
  • Recover entire EDB mail along with subject, message flags, date, time etc
  • Incorporates advance search option for the file.


What is EDB File? What do we know about exchange server?

Exchange server, when configured with Outlook, stores emails in EDB format. The EDB files don't only contain the mailbox, but also contacts, calendars, tasks, journals and so on. The other format to store the Exchange data is STM, which contains more of the multimedia data. However, here we will limit our discussion to EDB files only.

There are two types of EDB files->1> Pub.edb 2> Priv.edb

  • - Pub.edb stores shared files, such as emails, contacts etc.
  • - Priv.edb stores privates files of the user like private mailbox 

Security of the EDB files is a critical issue, as inaccessibility of these files result in Outlook email loss, which brings havoc for the employee and the employer both. This situation has to be handled carefully to avoid further data loss. One of this kind scenario is discussed below:

I was busy with my project management work and had to reply to several emails from international clients sitting in diverse locations of the world. Suddenly, I found it difficult to open even a single email from my private and public mailbox. I tried many simple restore options and failed to retrieve the important files, which I had to revert back within hours.”

In the situation like above, you must opt for an EDB to PST conversion application or PST Repair. As, the EDB files are accessible to the administrator and therefore, he or she has to be contacted to convert the files into PST File format.

The administrator does conversion for the following cases only: 
  •  - To save the emails before deleting them from the server, the administrator collects and converts the emails in PST format. 
  •  - To backup the emails of an employee for security purpose devised by the legal department
  •  - Backup of selective emails has to be kept for future reference

Flexible EDB to PST tool

Free EDB to PST tool is a better option for converting EDB files to PST format. I found an EDB to PST email conversion tool to convert the files within a short span, which enabled me to handover the work within scheduled time. As a Project Manager, I would suggest to use an authentic tool to convert EDB to PST delivering absolute and accurate result. Rich Graphical User Interface (GUI), advanced algorithm base and compatibility to all Windows, Exchange and Outlook platform are some of the important features of the tool, which make it more flexible than other choices. 
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