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From earlier days emails are being used for communication in and around the organization. But the email communication is very slow at that time, to increase the communication and work flow in the organization user need to use best exchange server environment for easy accessibility and speedy communication process. Now MS exchange server have been used for increasing the overall work flow in organizations. It stores all the mailboxes, info and the users present on the network in the form of database. MS exchange server is the top rated server for emailing. But this exchange server EDB files get corrupted as a result of certain unusual situations such as virus attacks, failure in data storage, etc. To recover data from these unfavorable situations EDB to PST Converter Software is designed.

Software is developed for GUI environment. Various kinds of data can be recovered by this tool. Some of them are documents, audio, video, photographs, spreadsheets, power-point presentations, etc. This software search for all the EDB files and offer a preview list of the files. It is capable to encouraging pre-existng partitions.

Software provides the preview of recovered Windows data in terms of name, size, type and modified, etc. It has a save log feature to restart at a later time. EDB to PST Converter Software is efficient to recover and restore data from large database files which have long names. Recovery Software effectively stores data from logically crashed volumes. It is an important feature of the software that it supports any version of Windows operating system. Users can use demo version to evaluate the product.

It is quite common that EDB networks are being recognized as best delivering channel as it serves purpose of excellent communication of mails with in business organization. MS exchange server raises height of certainty by providing quick delivery of mails without any problem. Exchange server saves files in .edb format and offers excellent communication environment between clients. Then also, people migrate to PST due to several devastating factors that works against EDB environment.
Important factors responsible for EDB file corruption could be:

Poor Network Connection: When exchange of mails is going on within server range and suddenly, some unalarmed congestion of network, distorts original message.
Power Cut: While transformation of emails between clients, are going on. Power fluctuation, could be authentic reason responsible for data loss.
Hardware Issue: Network devices fails to operate properly, results in loss of message.
Other probable reason for loss of EDB files could be accidental deletion of files, virus attack and other related factors.
Introduction of EDB to PST converter software has resolved growing demands of conversion of EDB to PST files format, with its eminent feature and new programmed functionalities.

Key Features of an Effective EDB to PST Converter Could Be:

  • Software should support multiple languages and provide coherent conversion of EDB files into PST counterpart.
  •  It should offer GUI platform with use advance technologies look and feel. 
  •  Capable to perform cemented data recovery and should recover files even from worst case of data loss.
  •  Should be amicable with all version of windows including latest windows 8/8.1 
  •  Software should be capable enough for error free conversion of large database and files having long names.

All most all software provider, offers demo and free version of related software, but user should go for authentic website that provides virus free demo or trial version of recovery software. Recover Data, renewed name in terms of reliable and cost effective EDB to PST Converter Tool provider, as compare to others in market.

Pst Files Or Outlook Pst



This Personal Storage Table (.pst) is a proprietary file format used by Microsoft Outlook to store user mailbox information, such as messages, contacts, notes, calendar events, and other items. This open file format is controlled by Microsoft, which offers specifications and irrevocable technology licensing without charging a single penny. PST files are also referred are Personal Folder File or Personal Address Book.  PST file Follows fixed block based allocation scheme, which means that files gets enlarged using fixed amount of bytes. Thus, when data files, such as email messages are added, the size of the PST file is automatically adjusted by the mailing client. However, when emails are deleted, the size of the PST file remains the same, and the space is marked as unallocated in order to save the future email messages.

Microsoft Outlook allows to protect the PST file by using a password. It also offers different kinds of values for encryption stetting, such as None, Compressible, and High. PST file is structured as a B-tree with carries 512 byte nodes and leafs. In the older versions of MS Outlook, including Outlook 2002 does not supports Unicode, hence, uses ANSI encoding, which has a maximum  storage limit of 2 GB. Moreover, MS Outlook 2003 and 2007 supports Unicode, and has maximum storage limit of 20 GB, whereas MS Outlook 2010, the default storage limitation is increased to 50 GB.

Apart from all this, Microsoft provides various tools, such as PST2GB, which can be used to truncate, when PST file has reached to its maximum storage limit (2GB). The other tool is scanpst.exe, which helps in repairing PST files corrupted or damaged due to other unwanted factors.If the corruption rate is high due to which PST file have got severely damaged, at this point of time a user can use PST file recovery software.
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EDB File Or Priv1.edb Files



Microsoft Exchange Server stores user mailbox data, using  .edb  or .stm
as its file extension. Both these file systems, together forms Exchange
repository. The .edb file contains multiple tables that collects
messages and other mailbox components in the Exchange store. It also
holds elements of MAPI messages (MS Exchange Server 2003), that's why it is also referred as MAPI  based database. EDB file acts as the pointer to the user system, which process the user request by locating the
emails on the Server. Two kinds of data stores are created, when Exchange Server gets installed – default public folder store and default mailbox store.

In the Default Public Folder Store, following files are associated:


Pub1.edb files stores message text, headers and attachments, however,Pub1.stm files stores: video, audio as well as other media files, which are formatted as streams of MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail extension) data.
In the Default Mailbox Store, following files are associated


Priv1.edb files stores messages, headers, and attachments, however,Priv1.stm stores MIME data, such as audio files, video recordings, and many more digital media files.

However, due to unwanted factors, these database files gets affected,which halts user access to the required data. The most prominent factors, responsible for EDB file damage. Deletion or inaccessibility are : Exchange Server crash, improper mounting, log file deletion, and many more.

To address this nudging situation, various third party Convert EDB to
PST tools are available. These tools are capable of making your
inaccessible EDB again into the usable state.

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