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Exchange 2010 has provided a lot more feature including more flexibility, improved user experience, simple administration, enhanced storage capability and much more to the users. There are times when Exchange server database file get corrupt, become inaccessible, fail to synchronize due to various reasons like Exchange Server crash, virus infection, Exchange Server downtime, over sized EDB file etc. Generally, in all such situations you get an error message indicating EDB file corruption and you are denied of using your crucial mail. However, there is a easy way to get rid of this disastrous situation and can get over these error messages and thus get back the accessibility of your file with the help of Peerless third-party EDB to PST converter software.

The best way to rectify all of the above mentioned errors and to get back your crucial mail saved on the exchange server is to use of Peerless Exchange 2010 EDB converter software. This tool fixes the all the inaccessibility issue arrive due to damage or corruption in exchange file by converting them into PST file.

This peerless software easily converts corrupt EDB file to easily installable PST file additionally it restores emails, contacts, attachments, notes etc as well as preserves the formatting of the HTML and RTF messages. The Peerless EDB to PST Converter software shows the preview of all recoverable items before converting the Exchange Server file to usable PST file. Moreover the software allows user it saves the converted PST file at their desired location and thus providing ease for future references.

In order, to analyze the working efficiency of the software, you can download its free demo version of the tool available on the official website. This free demo version provides the preview of the converted user mailbox items as separate PST but with the free demo version user cannot save PST file for their future reference. In order to save converted individual PST files user need to register the product and get a license key to unlock the utility.


Is Your Priv.edb corrupt - Solution EDB to PST Converter


The moment when Priv.edb comes under the danger zone, such as viruses, system crash, power spikes, Server failure, network flaws, and many more, it become difficult for the users to access their required mailbox data. For this horrifying situation, a proprietary, known as EDB to PST converter is designed. This converter is devised with immaculate recovery algorithms that turns inaccessible mailbox data into a accessible PST file format. The software even allows to recover files deleted accidentally or by some technical glitches. However, it is essential to note, the software you are going to make use of is reliable and result-centric. This will increase positive chances of mailbox recovery without risking for email integrity and layout of the email messages.
EDB to PST converter Software briefly scans the system to collect all the missing and deleted email files. Immediately after the scan, the software presents all the collected data in a user-readable format. In the very next step, it asks users to preview the repaired/recovered as well as converted EDB files and select the desired files from the list. All the selected mailboxes can be restored at once by providing a location on a system. Importantly, a user is required to perform a quality check before  proceeding to the final step of investment. He/she needs to check for following features:

-- The software converts all the EDB files into Outlook PST file.
-- Does not make changes in the formatting or layout of the mailboxes
-- Recovers unlimited mailboxes at a time
-- Repairs files corrupted due to any of the factors
-- Designed with friendly GUI
-- Expeditious and hassle free recovery process
-- Demo edition available
Demo edition of the software will give you complete idea about the software performance. Demo is the similar copy of the paid edition, which offers preview of repaired/converted EDB files. If only demo performance proves impressive, you can download the full edition of the software. 

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Access your emails in just simple steps. This world-class email converter recovers user mailboxes with all the details in place.Recover Data's superbly designed EDB to PST converter caters all the user requirements in simple clicks, and brings back your lost smile

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Use most demanding Recover Data EDB to PST converter which does its job well on corrupted EDB file without making any issue. You just rely on this edb to pst conversion tool because it gives you perfect solution for your corrupted EDB file by recovering it into MS Outlook. for more information you have to passed through this link-
Good quality in this software-
simply repair corrupted .edb file in least time.
gives your EDB file data back into MS Outlook format
Retain your data safe and secure at the time of recovery process
deal with every supportive version of EDB file.
Real time recovery process-takes less time to do recovery of EDB file to PST

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A worst email loss experience and an incredible mailbox tool to recover


It was the first time in my professional carrier, when I encountered a total mailbox loss due to Exchange Server crash. Being an system administrator, I was responsible to fix the same. Having researched many of the recovery applications on the internet, I came across Recover Data's EDB to PST converter Software. I tried this email recovery tool by downloading its demo edition. Significantly, demo was quite effective and it showed me all the deleted mailboxes in the previewed list. However, it does not supports to save the recovered mailboxes. Gaining confidence with the demo effectiveness, I have downloaded the full edition of the software. Really, the software works as depicted in the demo key. Inbuilt with friendly interface, the software allowed me to quickly access the deleted mailboxes.

Checkout the robust features of this mailbox recovery software
- Converts complete Exchange mailboxes to PST format file
- Does not change the formatting or layout of the email messages
- Supports entire series of MS Exchange Server editions, including 2013.
- Restores email files with all the details, such as notes, journals, tasks, calendars, contacts, appointments, drafts, and many more
- Accidentally deleted mailboxes gets successfully repaired & recovered
- Repairs the EDB files, which gets damaged due to virus attacks, Server crash/downtime, poor network connectivity, CRC errors, system re-installation/up-gradation errors, and so on.
- Integrated with graphical user interface, which makes it easy to handle
- Performs conversion of multiple mailboxes at a time, which makes it time-saving software.
- Available with free demo.
This user mailbox saving software offers a smooth functionality. It runs on any of the windows versions, and is compatible to all the genre of Exchange and Outlook editions. It is easy to install this application. Once the software gets installed on a system, it asks to browse the EDB files, which are required to get recovered. After the selection, scanning process gets initiated and a preview of all the repaired mailboxes is offered in a tree like structure. After getting convinced with the recovered mailboxes, a user is required to select the required user mailboxes (single, multiple or all the mailboxes) and provide a desired location on his/her system to restore. The guided steps provided with the software will assist you accomplishing the desired mission. 

I am sure, this information will help all my friends, who are facing or have faced email loss or corruption situation.

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Recover Data EDB to PST Converter-A Perfect answer for Exchange Recovery. 


Recover data Tools Provides Best EDB to PST Converter Software that has Immense ability to convert Exchange EDB file to Outlook Pst Files Without any mess. This EDB to Pst software is extremely advance and distinctive state of affairs based mostly Exchange knowledge recovery program that enables you to to access all those EDB file that got corrupted by cause of any unsure errors.

Recover Data EDB to PST recovery software works well on partially or absolutely corrupted EDB file and build your EDB file accessible into MS Outlook. Its scanning method is tool admirable and safe that helps you to tug out all Exchange mailbox store with single folders-Emails, contacts, tasks, notes, calendars, journals, reminders, appoinments etc and so additionally convert EDB to standard time. straightforward and comprehensible GUI continually helps you to grasp its every and each steps of recovery method.It provides you a very simple user interface through which you can easily repair,recover and convert edb's t pst's..
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How EDB to PST Conversion Software Works:

Advanced EDB to PST converter by Recover Data is equipped with new techniques, which tends to deliver adequate outcomes in simple clicks. The software works on automated mode, and repairs the EDB files without making any change in the formatting of the email messages.

The foremost step to initiate the recovery process is to Download and install the software on your system.

Once, the software gets installed, you need to browse the EDB files

Thereafter, the software begins to scan the Exchange database folder to
repair the files
Post scan, preview of the recovered mailboxes along with all the objects
in offered in a tree-like structure.

Click to view any of the mailboxes
Select the desired mailboxes, which you which to restore

Browse the path wherein the recovered mailboxes can be restore

Click Ok to “Save”

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Exchange to Outlook Converter




MS Exchange Server is responsible to keep track of all the user mailboxes data. It uses EDB as its file extension to store user mailboxes. Situation arrives, when these EDB files gets affected due to uninvited factors, such as Exchange Server crash, network faults, edb log file deletion, file size errors, system up-gradation/re-installation faults, and many more. To overcome, the best way is to use Recover Data's EDB to PST converter, which is available free of cost to the users.   This freebie is incorporated with advance repair/recovery techniques, which help repairing EDB files damaged due to any of the aforesaid factors. The software first deeply scans the storage device to locate each of the EDB files along with its components, such as notes, journals, attachments, tasks, contacts, contacts, etc. The freeware EDB to PST conversion tool, even allow recovering accidentally deleted mailboxes. After locating all the mailbox data, it displays all the converted files and folders in a tree-like structure. This valiantly designed email converter performs conversion in simple clicks, and that too without making any alteration in the format of the email files. 

The software works on fully automated mode, and gives absolute outcomes in few steps. The GUI of the software is designed very rich, which assists users through the conversion path. This immaculate application is supportive to entire versions of MS Exchange Server and MS Outlook.   Superior Features of EDB to PST Converter Freebie  All types of folders, journals, zip files, , attachments, images, memos, etc are retrieved and converted to PST EDB emails are converted in original format to PST  Details, such as senders name, subject, date, etc are effectively converted Compatible to Exchange Server versions 5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013 Restores RTF, Text and HTML email messages with exact formatting Converts EDB files to PST files with the fastest speed Creates separate folders for each specific user profile Provides preview of the converted mailboxes in a tree-like structure  Avail the Full Version of Recover Data's EDB to PST Converter    EDB to PST converter freeware gives transparent understanding about the software performance and credibility. This free tool performs quick conversion of EDB files into PST files after repairing the damaged EDB data. Once getting fully complacent with the freeware performance, get the full edition of the software to restore the converted EDB data at your chosen network or drive.

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Pst Files Or Outlook Pst



This Personal Storage Table (.pst) is a proprietary file format used by Microsoft Outlook to store user mailbox information, such as messages, contacts, notes, calendar events, and other items. This open file format is controlled by Microsoft, which offers specifications and irrevocable technology licensing without charging a single penny. PST files are also referred are Personal Folder File or Personal Address Book.  PST file Follows fixed block based allocation scheme, which means that files gets enlarged using fixed amount of bytes. Thus, when data files, such as email messages are added, the size of the PST file is automatically adjusted by the mailing client. However, when emails are deleted, the size of the PST file remains the same, and the space is marked as unallocated in order to save the future email messages.

Microsoft Outlook allows to protect the PST file by using a password. It also offers different kinds of values for encryption stetting, such as None, Compressible, and High. PST file is structured as a B-tree with carries 512 byte nodes and leafs. In the older versions of MS Outlook, including Outlook 2002 does not supports Unicode, hence, uses ANSI encoding, which has a maximum  storage limit of 2 GB. Moreover, MS Outlook 2003 and 2007 supports Unicode, and has maximum storage limit of 20 GB, whereas MS Outlook 2010, the default storage limitation is increased to 50 GB.

Apart from all this, Microsoft provides various tools, such as PST2GB, which can be used to truncate, when PST file has reached to its maximum storage limit (2GB). The other tool is scanpst.exe, which helps in repairing PST files corrupted or damaged due to other unwanted factors.If the corruption rate is high due to which PST file have got severely damaged, at this point of time a user can use PST file recovery software.
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EDB File Or Priv1.edb Files



Microsoft Exchange Server stores user mailbox data, using  .edb  or .stm
as its file extension. Both these file systems, together forms Exchange
repository. The .edb file contains multiple tables that collects
messages and other mailbox components in the Exchange store. It also
holds elements of MAPI messages (MS Exchange Server 2003), that's why it is also referred as MAPI  based database. EDB file acts as the pointer to the user system, which process the user request by locating the
emails on the Server. Two kinds of data stores are created, when Exchange Server gets installed – default public folder store and default mailbox store.

In the Default Public Folder Store, following files are associated:


Pub1.edb files stores message text, headers and attachments, however,Pub1.stm files stores: video, audio as well as other media files, which are formatted as streams of MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail extension) data.
In the Default Mailbox Store, following files are associated


Priv1.edb files stores messages, headers, and attachments, however,Priv1.stm stores MIME data, such as audio files, video recordings, and many more digital media files.

However, due to unwanted factors, these database files gets affected,which halts user access to the required data. The most prominent factors, responsible for EDB file damage. Deletion or inaccessibility are : Exchange Server crash, improper mounting, log file deletion, and many more.

To address this nudging situation, various third party Convert EDB to
PST tools are available. These tools are capable of making your
inaccessible EDB again into the usable state.

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