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From earlier days emails are being used for communication in and around the organization. But the email communication is very slow at that time, to increase the communication and work flow in the organization user need to use best exchange server environment for easy accessibility and speedy communication process. Now MS exchange server have been used for increasing the overall work flow in organizations. It stores all the mailboxes, info and the users present on the network in the form of database. MS exchange server is the top rated server for emailing. But this exchange server EDB files get corrupted as a result of certain unusual situations such as virus attacks, failure in data storage, etc. To recover data from these unfavorable situations EDB to PST Converter Software is designed.

Software is developed for GUI environment. Various kinds of data can be recovered by this tool. Some of them are documents, audio, video, photographs, spreadsheets, power-point presentations, etc. This software search for all the EDB files and offer a preview list of the files. It is capable to encouraging pre-existng partitions.

Software provides the preview of recovered Windows data in terms of name, size, type and modified, etc. It has a save log feature to restart at a later time. EDB to PST Converter Software is efficient to recover and restore data from large database files which have long names. Recovery Software effectively stores data from logically crashed volumes. It is an important feature of the software that it supports any version of Windows operating system. Users can use demo version to evaluate the product.

It is quite common that EDB networks are being recognized as best delivering channel as it serves purpose of excellent communication of mails with in business organization. MS exchange server raises height of certainty by providing quick delivery of mails without any problem. Exchange server saves files in .edb format and offers excellent communication environment between clients. Then also, people migrate to PST due to several devastating factors that works against EDB environment.
Important factors responsible for EDB file corruption could be:

Poor Network Connection: When exchange of mails is going on within server range and suddenly, some unalarmed congestion of network, distorts original message.
Power Cut: While transformation of emails between clients, are going on. Power fluctuation, could be authentic reason responsible for data loss.
Hardware Issue: Network devices fails to operate properly, results in loss of message.
Other probable reason for loss of EDB files could be accidental deletion of files, virus attack and other related factors.
Introduction of EDB to PST converter software has resolved growing demands of conversion of EDB to PST files format, with its eminent feature and new programmed functionalities.

Key Features of an Effective EDB to PST Converter Could Be:

  • Software should support multiple languages and provide coherent conversion of EDB files into PST counterpart.
  •  It should offer GUI platform with use advance technologies look and feel. 
  •  Capable to perform cemented data recovery and should recover files even from worst case of data loss.
  •  Should be amicable with all version of windows including latest windows 8/8.1 
  •  Software should be capable enough for error free conversion of large database and files having long names.

All most all software provider, offers demo and free version of related software, but user should go for authentic website that provides virus free demo or trial version of recovery software. Recover Data, renewed name in terms of reliable and cost effective EDB to PST Converter Tool provider, as compare to others in market.

Exchange database is extremely useful for maintaining improved communication among the employees in big organizations. A large number of PC or laptop or Outlook client can easily be connected to a single Exchange. The basic moto of database is to have a copy of the each mail sent to received by the users. These mails are stored on the Exchange mailbox in EDB format. However, chances of data loss can not be ignored and therefore an apt application is required to recover the lost EDB files. 

Limitations or drawbacks of the inbuilt utilities

Some of the inbuilt utilities work well and some do not work at all by worsening the condition for good. Have you ever though what would be a better option?

ESEUTIL/ p, ISINTEG, and ExMerge are some of the utilities, which are said to be a perfect solution for Exchange database corruption but are not so in reality. If you really want to get back all your emails and vital information, please do not apply them for sure. For example, the ExMerge retrieves the EDB files from the source and transform into PST format. Thereafter, it merges them to the existing mailbox at client site. 

In such scenarios, the mails go corrupt or deleted due to various reasons. The other discomfort is that it doesn't provide information regarding the level of corruption or damage it does during the process. 

Henceforth, it's good to avoid such utilities and simply use an EDB to PST Converter, which recovers the Exchange database EDB files and convert into PST files with ease and success. The whole procedures is finished within a few minutes without any hassle. And, bring back accurate result without any loss. 

You can find the most suitable EDB To PST Tool on a reliable company website. From there you can download the tool. Now,  install the application on the system and launch the tool. Select or browser the EDB file and click button for recovery, repair, and conversion. Thereafter, select the PST files from preview and restore them in their original format. 

Most of the EDB to PST Converter tools are Graphical User Interface (GUI) based and therefore people find it easy to implement. These tools use Guided File Excavation techniques (GFETCH) for locating the damaged files. It applies advance heuristic algorithms for swift recovery of data. Thus, it saves a lot of time in recovery of files, while eliminating need of other utilities, which causes unnecessary delay and loss. 


What is EDB File? What do we know about exchange server?

Exchange server, when configured with Outlook, stores emails in EDB format. The EDB files don't only contain the mailbox, but also contacts, calendars, tasks, journals and so on. The other format to store the Exchange data is STM, which contains more of the multimedia data. However, here we will limit our discussion to EDB files only.

There are two types of EDB files->1> Pub.edb 2> Priv.edb

  • - Pub.edb stores shared files, such as emails, contacts etc.
  • - Priv.edb stores privates files of the user like private mailbox 

Security of the EDB files is a critical issue, as inaccessibility of these files result in Outlook email loss, which brings havoc for the employee and the employer both. This situation has to be handled carefully to avoid further data loss. One of this kind scenario is discussed below:

I was busy with my project management work and had to reply to several emails from international clients sitting in diverse locations of the world. Suddenly, I found it difficult to open even a single email from my private and public mailbox. I tried many simple restore options and failed to retrieve the important files, which I had to revert back within hours.”

In the situation like above, you must opt for an EDB to PST conversion application or PST Repair. As, the EDB files are accessible to the administrator and therefore, he or she has to be contacted to convert the files into PST File format.

The administrator does conversion for the following cases only: 
  •  - To save the emails before deleting them from the server, the administrator collects and converts the emails in PST format. 
  •  - To backup the emails of an employee for security purpose devised by the legal department
  •  - Backup of selective emails has to be kept for future reference

Flexible EDB to PST tool

Free EDB to PST tool is a better option for converting EDB files to PST format. I found an EDB to PST email conversion tool to convert the files within a short span, which enabled me to handover the work within scheduled time. As a Project Manager, I would suggest to use an authentic tool to convert EDB to PST delivering absolute and accurate result. Rich Graphical User Interface (GUI), advanced algorithm base and compatibility to all Windows, Exchange and Outlook platform are some of the important features of the tool, which make it more flexible than other choices. 
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