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EDB File Or Priv1.edb Files



Microsoft Exchange Server stores user mailbox data, using  .edb  or .stm
as its file extension. Both these file systems, together forms Exchange
repository. The .edb file contains multiple tables that collects
messages and other mailbox components in the Exchange store. It also
holds elements of MAPI messages (MS Exchange Server 2003), that's why it is also referred as MAPI  based database. EDB file acts as the pointer to the user system, which process the user request by locating the
emails on the Server. Two kinds of data stores are created, when Exchange Server gets installed – default public folder store and default mailbox store.

In the Default Public Folder Store, following files are associated:


Pub1.edb files stores message text, headers and attachments, however,Pub1.stm files stores: video, audio as well as other media files, which are formatted as streams of MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail extension) data.
In the Default Mailbox Store, following files are associated


Priv1.edb files stores messages, headers, and attachments, however,Priv1.stm stores MIME data, such as audio files, video recordings, and many more digital media files.

However, due to unwanted factors, these database files gets affected,which halts user access to the required data. The most prominent factors, responsible for EDB file damage. Deletion or inaccessibility are : Exchange Server crash, improper mounting, log file deletion, and many more.

To address this nudging situation, various third party Convert EDB to
PST tools are available. These tools are capable of making your
inaccessible EDB again into the usable state.

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